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Communications & E-commerce

We Cenc, as a marketing agency believe that

results count.

This is why we make concrete deadlines,

work with the best strategies and have ongoing analyses.

We plan monthly consults with our clients to go over the achieved results, deadlines and their wishes, so they are always up-to-date about their investments, knowing what the results are and that they are satisfied with these results.

This is why we go further where others stop,

because our client's satisfaction is as important to

us as the achieved results.

Cenc maintains a friendly, social warming but business oriented communication.

We are always in for a good conversation

'even if it is not work related'. 
Because we value the importance of a happy and satisfied client.

With our services and contacts we provide our clients the best possible solutions and strategies

to grow their business on a long term scale. 

Our mission is to make the life of people

easier and show them faster, simpler and

more powerful ways to get results.​

Giving our clients more time for their

primary occupation.

Lets be honest,

Time is precious and life is already busy enough.

Welcome at  

Saving time for you

Working with and for business owners,

We know first hand how much time is spend to create, maintain and grow a company or a brand.

Not only that, there are multiple steps to be taken.

Sometimes it can even be a bit overwhelming,

But do not let this feeling discourage you to grind further on the road of success.

We are here for you, Ready to help you create, deliver and maintain valuable content for your costumers and clients.

But that is not where we stop.

Our client relationship goes further then just the usual business talk.

We show top priority in understanding what our clients want to translate to their audience.

In the end, its you're vision we're working on.


From domain to website

In today's world a website is extremely important for a company, we go as far and say that it cannot be missing.

Its a huge part of the business card.

Here potential clients can learn about the services or brand your company offers.

If you already have a website up and running, then maintaining the site becomes a necessity.

Most of our clients simply do not have enough time or interest to maintain a website.

They rather enjoy the company of their loved ones in the evening, then sitting behind the laptop and learn about all the the different types of systems, marketing strategies, automated programs and computer languages.

This is where we jump in,

We maintain site's and web content for a living.

So you don't have worry about getting

the website up and running smoothly.



Knowing what tactics to use

Marketing and gaining online publicity can be quite time consuming and stressful

when the wrong tactics are implied.

Costumers need to be able to find your product, company or brand without any problems.

There are multiple platforms,

knowing what platform to operate from is a key ingredient to success.

Each platform has its own kind of leads based on the public users.

We are specialized in these tactics,

Analyzing a brand and targeting you're audience with precision and effectiveness on any given social platform.

Giving you the right setup for a successful marketing campaign.


Our Clients

We represent, brand and maintain

clients and their products from start-ups to fully grown company's in many different sectors.


Our client relationship is of great importance and

goal-oriented, based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect for each-other's expertise.

The workflow is like a two way stream where ideas and information flows freely, openly and regularly.

And our clients love and embrace this approach.

While we devote our hearts and minds to our clients, achieving great success for them we also are building long lasting partnerships.

About us


Here at Cenc we offer a wide range of services.

Marketing, site development, SEO analytics

automation for certain types of systems.

You name a service, Cenc delivers it.

We are a marketing agency that also exchanges relationships in the E-commerce world.

Driven to identify and anticipate the

'wants and needs' of our costumers.

So that we can deliver customized services to satisfy the clients expectations.

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